All our products are custom made to order to ensure only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing of our toys.  



All of our Fur products are "Faux Fur", this gives them strength, durability and allows them to be machine washable. (Max 30 Degrees) - Do Not tumble dry - Hang to dry.

The pile length of the fur is around 30mm.  

The fur is Hygienic, non-irritant and non-allergenic. 

Our fur's backing is double strength to minimize loose fur when playing and tugging. The more you wash our fur, the stronger it becomes. Please see photos below to see the difference between unwashed and washed fur.  

We have 7 colours available;

Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, White, Charcoal and Burgundy! 




                                        Before washing                                        

             fur washed 2

     After Washing  


Mircofibre Mop






Our nylon webbing is a gentle on your hands and your dogs mouths however is very strong and durable. 

We use a special version of webbing which is a climbing specification to provide long lasting fun with your dogs. 

The colours available are:


Tubular Nylon Plain Colours copy

 Patterned Nylon copy

Flat Nylon Colour Options

Flat Nylon copy 

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