Ball Varieties

We now have an extensive range of Ball attachments for all of our "Chaser-Toys".

Ball Varieties inlcude:

Planet dog:

Raspberry: This is a small (1.75") soft rubber durable toy, in a bright pink colour. 

img_2168 copy

Orbee Golf Ball: This toy is Medium sized (2.25") soft rubber and very squidgy white ball.

img_2151 copy

Orbee Tuff Planet Dog: This toy is small/Medium sized (2.25") more durable rubber and comes in either (Blue/Green), (Glow/Orange) or (pink/blue).

img_2122 copy


Rebounce Ball: VERY VERY tough durable ball (2.75")

p1020486 copy

Pimple Ball:

A small (2") pimple very hard wearing and tuff toy. 

p1030183 copy

Tennis Ball:

A Standard Tennis Ball (2.75")

 img_1404 copy